Year 10 Students

Alesco Secondary College believes that students need a solid grounding in the key learning areas in order to find success in learning. Many of our students, for a variety of reasons, often have gaps in their learning which means that they sometimes need additional time in the core subjects.

For this reason, Alesco does not offer an over complicated timetable to students.

Having a clear and simplified timetable also allows our teaching staff to engage in innovative teaching practices to ensure that students are participating and enjoying their learning experience.

Our timetable for Years 9 and 10 lists the subjects;
Geography/ History

Above and Beyond – our own designed self-development program

Whilst we only list these 6 subjects on the timetable, within these we also place an emphasis on the opportunity to engage students in visual literacy, digital literacy, financial literacy, and numeracy skills. We ensure that students can engage in learning experiences and excursions which may not be available to the students in their everyday life, that increase a sense of wellbeing and happiness and the sense of achievement. We provide opportunity to engage in vocational learning, community engagement, life skills and personal development.

The objective of our Above and Beyond program is to:

• Provide engaging opportunities outside of the prescribed curriculum that will provide future benefit to individuals lives.
• Increasing opportunities to develop positive relationships.
• Increasing opportunities to engage with community and develop stronger civic responsibly

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