Junior Program

Junior Program Commencing in Newcastle in 2024

In 2024 Alesco Senior College will be trialling a new program for our Year 9 enrolments in the Newcastle area.

In recognition that the learning and development needs of our younger students are different to that of our older students Alesco will be commencing our new  Junior Program based out of our Cooks Hill Campus.

Our Senior Program is underpinned by adult learning philosophies, which works well as young people transition to adulthood, however for some of our younger students this can be hard to navigate if they are not ready.  For this reason, we will be ensuring that our Junior Program incorporates a quality education program, studying all curriculum programs for NSW English, Maths, Science, HSIE, and PDHPE with an ongoing focus on ensuring literacy, numeracy, digital literacy and reading skills are supported and maintained.

The Junior Program will have a greater focus on blended learning through the Humanities and STEAM subjects and aims to support students’ healthy development in our new look  Wellbeing program. Embedded in the wellbeing program a stronger emphasis on mental health wellbeing early intervention, learning to make independent choices and taking risks, and healthy relationships.

In addition to this, the classes will offer a small team approach, allowing more time for students and teachers to develop strong connections and relationships, whilst maintaining the delivery of core subjects. This allows teachers the flexibility to assist the students to learn to the best of their ability whilst gently challenging their potential.

We look forward to our new Junior Program establishing a strong foundation of learning success for our young students, especially as they learn to adapt following the impacts of the Pandemic.  Following its success, it is our intention to offer the Junior Program to more students across all our delivery areas.

For more information on the Junior Program in Newcastle in 2024, click here

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